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Iconic La Muralla Roja captured in stunning new photos

Never not mesmerizing

La Muralla Roja in Spain Photos courtesy of Andrés Gallardo Albajar

Designed in 1968 by the architect Richard Bofill, La Muralla Roja—the Red Wall—is a masterpiece that can never be photographed enough and Estonia-based lensman Andrés Gallardo Albajar is the latest to share its vibrant beauty.

Located in the La Manzanera development in Calpe, Spain, La Muralla Roja is a housing complex designed more like a waterfront fortress, with walls colored in varying shades of red and stairs in tints of blue to either contrast with or complement the sky. Bonfill was inspired by the architecture of the Arab Mediterranean area; with this project, he aimed to reinterpret the casbah, the walled citadel typical of traditional architecture in North African countries.

The buildings, which are connected by a series of interlocking stairs, platforms, and bridges, extend from rocky cliffs and look out over the waterfront. Fifty apartments within the complex are equally as complex, offered in three different sizes.

But what entrances most visitors is the dynamic facade. “No matter how many photos you have seen of that place, or how many times you’d visit it, it always surprises you,” Gallardo Albajar told Artistic Odyssey. We’d agree.

Via: Artistic Odyssey