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Modular office can be hooked up to a trailer and taken anywhere

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Portland-based Los Osos designed the Mobile Work Unit for website Coroflot

A modular office built with wood and walls made of sheer polycarbonate sits on a trailer inside a warehouse.
The Mobile Work Unit is just that—hook it up to a trailer and drive it anywhere.
Photos by Josh Partee via Designboom

With an ever-shifting economy, it’s safe to say that the days of the traditional office space are numbered. Telecommuting and coworking spaces are on the rise, which means that innovative office design is, too.

The latest entrant into this space is the Mobile Work Unit, or MWU, by Los Osos, an interdisciplinary design studio in Portland. Created for Coroflot, a website that connects designers with creative opportunities around the world, MWU is half-trailer-half-mobile-office that reflects the philosophy of Coroflot’s virtual community.

MWU was built using locally sourced, custom-milled, and kiln-dried Douglas fir wood in a post-and-beam construction—directly on top of a trailer. Translucent polycarbonate siding makes up the walls and ceiling, allowing natural light to spill in while also forming a sound barrier (similar to the construction of Minima Moralia in London).

Inside the open space are adjustable desks, shelves, and other minimalist furniture that can be reconfigured according to need, thanks to brackets, holes, and hooks that have been built into the wooden frame.

And the best part about MWU is that it can simply be hooked up to a vehicle and driven to any desired location. Los Osos’s Laurence Sarrazin is excited to see the next iteration of MWU. Talking to Designboom, she said, “I see the next version in so many different flavors—office, retail, showroom, home, and each has its own challenges and parameters.”

Via: Designboom