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New in baby tech? This adorable health and sleep monitor

Is this the future of parenting in the digital age?

Ray, seen at center, tracks a baby’s respiratory rate and other health and sleep stats with a contact-free, Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled system.
Via Ray/Designboom

Baby tech has been very much in the news lately: Last October, Yves Béhar announced SNOO, a smart crib developed in collaboration with pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp that rocks babies to sleep by mimicking the rhythms of the womb.

Now comes news of Ray, a sleep and health monitor for the digitally savvy parent. Backed by 526 concerned parents (we imagine) on Kickstarter, Ray is being billed as “the first and only non-contact health and sleep monitor” for tots.

The Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled monitor, which comes in three colors (red, blue, and yellow), measures a baby’s respiratory rate, uses thermal sensors to keep track of sleep cycles, and notifies parents, via the Ray app, if the baby has a fever or shows signs of other illnesses. For parents of twins (hey Beyoncé), you’ll need one monitor per kid.

Ray met its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 (with days to spare, no less), but the project is still available for backing. Check it out.

Ray can also be wall mounted.

Via: Designboom