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Angular concrete cafe frames stunning sea views in South Korea


angular seaside cafe in South Korea Jaeyoon Kim via Dezeen

Rising over the shore of Gijang, South Korea, the striking new Waveon Coffee by Seoul-based firm IDMM Architects is a serious seaside stunner. Made up of a series of long, angular concrete forms that are stacked and rotated for optimal views, the building calls to mind the many eccentric modern homes that spin out in different directions and a few concrete beachfront masterpieces recently completed in China. As one Dezeen commenter aptly puts it, “The coffee had better match up to the architecture.”

The hilltop structure covers 5,382 square feet, with a central void for circulation and glass-walled dining areas taking up the outer edges of the building. Outdoor space also plays an important role in the design, as open terraces—some with stepped wooden platforms—create additional (and scenic!) room for guests to lounge. Add in the rooftop deck and a number of striking punctures in the concrete walls and this is one fun place to explore.

Via: Dezeen