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This rugged truck is an all-in-one home in a box

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It’s like a shipping container on wheels

A Bliss mobil exhibition vehicle.
Via Uncrate

The shipping container craze shows no sign of slowing, and now the modular buildings are being used as everything from pop-up banks to hostels. But the Netherlands-based company Bliss Mobil is taking the idea a step further and applying it to adventure vehicles.

Unlike pop-up campers or other exhibition vehicles, Bliss Mobil uses a steel frame to design an all-in-one-box that is detachable. While not a shipping container, it’s the same concept: all functions are secured and stored inside the box and the self-supporting unit can be easily removed from or placed on to almost every container truck, train, ship, or plane.

Bliss Mobil has five “truck-independent” models that are designed to fit most trucks with a hefty wheel base and moderate load range (more technical details, over here). Sizes range from an 11-foot, two-person model to a 20-foot giant that sleeps four and fits on any standard container truck.

All of the models come equipped with monocrystalline solar panels and lithium-ion batteries for power, and plenty of external racks can hold bikes, spare tires, and extra supplies.

Inside, the containers offer plush beds, bathrooms (complete with toilets and showers), couches that can seat up to six people, fully-equipped kitchens, and a domotics system that uses the vehicle’s own WiFi network. It’s a bit like a luxury yacht on land, with bamboo wood paneling, large windows, and even the option to add heated floors.

Curious? Take a look at the video and more photos, below:

Via Bliss Mobile
Via Bliss Mobile
Via Bliss Mobile
Via Bliss Mobile