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Shipping container transforms with walls of glass in Argentina

From industrial to rustic

shipping container structure with glass walls Gonzalo Viramonte via Designboom

Fans of Philip Johnson’s Glass House take note: As it turns out, you too can have something like the modernist icon if you get a shipping container, paint it black, and replace the corrugated steel with sleek walls of glass. How’s the above example for inspiration?

Designed by Argentinian interiors firm B.AP on the site of an upcoming residential and country club development in central Argentina, this shipping container has been turned into a scenic sales gallery for the project. With wood-plank floors and ceiling, wispy curtains, and vintage furniture, the whole space is going for a rustic-chic vibe complementary to the pastoral surroundings.

Of course, this is just the latest case of a shipping container reborn for a new purpose, ranging from a tiny home to a hostel to a mobile bank. A few more peeks, below.

Via: Designboom