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Architecture students work longer hours than any other major, study says

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Architects-in-training beat out chemical and aeronautical engineers for this dubious honor

The School of Architecture, at Yale University, designed by Paul Rudolph. In a recent survey, architects-in-training beat students of chemical engineering for the distinction of most hours worked.
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Architecture students will tell you all about the long hours and sleepless nights they endure in pursuit of a degree. Now, intel from Indiana University's National Study of Student Engagement (NSSE) for 2016 confirms the abounding anecdotal evidence: Architects-in-training have it rough.

According to Indiana University’s NSSE, which offered its data to The Tab, architecture students work, on average, 22.2 hours per week on work for their course of study—from projects and papers to what Archinect playfully calls “generally furrowing their brows.” (We can attest to this.)

According to The Tab:

The number of hours below represent the average time spent in a week preparing for class – studying, reading, writing, and doing homework or lab work. The averages include freshmen and seniors.

It may come as a surprise to some that students of architecture beat out even chemical and aero- and astronautical engineering (!) majors for this “honor”: Students in those majors work an extra 19.66 and 19.24 hours per week over their time in class, the slackers.

Via NSSE/The Tab

You can check out the full study here.

Via: The Tab