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New handwoven furniture brings Caribbean spirit into your home

Color lovers, rejoice!

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handwoven chairs Photos via Sebastian Herkner

It’s still winter across the U.S., but the latest furniture collection from German designer Sebastian Herkner already has us dreaming of the sparkling clear waters and vibrant festivities of the Caribbean. And that’s the whole point.

Inspired by colorful crafted rocking chairs found in Colombia, the Caribe line Herkner created for German manufacturer Ames was in fact handwoven by craftsmen in Santa Marta, Colombia. Using the traditional momposino technique, they wrapped brightly colored strands of plastic around steel tubes, creating intricate patterned backs for chairs and round coverings for table legs.

The seats and tables are rendered in tropical tones, including both contrasting combos like green and pink or orange and sky blue and more complementary duos like pink and red or turquoise and indigo. Caribe made its debut at the international interiors show IMM Cologne last month. Prices have not been released yet, but additional information can be requested through Ames.

Photo via Dezeen
Photo via Dezeen
Photo via Dezeen
Photo via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen