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Eerie wind turbine prototype flaps its wings like hummingbirds

Is this the creepiest turbine design ever?

wind turbine concept design inspired by hummingbirds Tyer Wind

It’s turbine time. Last month, New York gave the green light to what will become the country’s largest offshore wind farm. Then, Denmark’s ginormous turbine design broke energy-production records. Now, designer Anis Aouini at Tunisian company Saphon Energy has concocted what is likely to be the most bizarre-looking turbine to ever harness wind power for homes.

The Tyer Wind Converter was inspired by hummingbirds—the world’s most energy-efficient bird. Instead of having three rotating blades like most wind turbines, the Tyer design has just two blades mounted like a set of wings atop the tower. Wind pressure causes the wings to oscillate in an unsettling, flappy figure-8 motion. The movement looks more akin to the flailing fins of a beached sea turtle, but sure, hummingbird wings sound better.

Tyer Wind

As uncanny as it looks, the science behind the Tyer Wind turbine makes a compelling case for residential use. The carbon-fiber wings are just 5.25 feet long and have a smaller sweep than the average residential rotating turbine—though that means a lower rated power output of 1 kW. The company also says that its design is quieter, less noticeable, and also safer for birds than more conventional turbines.

But will it take off? The Tyer Wind Converter is still in its prototype stages, but it’s an intriguing one to watch for sure. Check it out in the curious video below:

Via: New Atlas