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New Italian ceramic collection is playful and pragmatic

A vase shaped like a T-shirt! A literal fruit basket!

Shot of a green ceramic soap holder, white ceramic toothbrush holder where two toothbrushes are face down on a horizontal plate with their brushes facing into a dip, and a pink jewelry holder with coned lid on which to loop a watch, all set on a double si
The 19-piece collection comes in dusty pink, army green, white, and grey.
Photos by Il Coccio Design Edition via Designboom

Decorating your home with ceramics is a simple but elegant way to begin a collection of objets. Typically small, ceramic items like vases, dishes, and other receptacles can be both practical and design-forward without seeming pretentious or intimidating. Which is why this new collection by Italian company Il Coccio Design Edition speaks to our understated-interiors philosophy.

Best known for its whimsical take on the usually dull humidifier, Il Coccio has created a line of 19 household items that continue that vein of the playful-and-pragmatic. Each of the products, ranging from clocks to candle holders to dish ware to fruit baskets, embrace the ceramic from which they are made, making the material—from the Nove district in Vicenza, Italy—shine.

The collection was designed by a slew of designers under the direction of Il Coccio’s Giulio Iacchetti, including Augustina Bottoni, Dario Gaudio, Odoardo Fioravanti, Carmelo Zocco, Valerio Sommella, and Studio Klass, and is available in four colorways: white, army green, dusty pink, and grey.

Minimalist and slightly mischievous, the pieces incorporate an element of drollness to the otherwise standard objects. A round clock with a slightly concave face and a ridged outer ring rests on a sliced-off edge, while a literal basket holds fruit, as does a 3D section of blocks. A coin dish doubles as a type of piggy bank, thanks to a slot along an edge, and a vase shaped like a T-shirt uses the neck hole as the opening for flowers.

The collection launches this week at the Ambiente 2017 show in Frankfurt. Take a look below.

Via: Designboom