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Amazon’s Alexa could soon recognize you by voice

The company is developing a “voice print” feature for Alexa

The Amazon Echo smart home hub
The Amazon Echo

The smart home may be getting smarter: Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is already working on recognizing emotions, and soon, it may even identify who exactly is speaking to it.

Amazon is currently developing an Alexa function that will distinguish between users based on their voices, Time reports. Much like Apple’s signature Touch ID feature, Amazon’s “voice print” will certify a person’s identity by matching the voice to a previously recorded sample.

Owners of the Alexa-equipped Amazon Echo smart speakers can already toggle between multiple profiles, but they have to do so manually. “Voice print” can also add another layer of security—especially in times when sensitive information is needed, like credit card details. For example, Alexa would require a parent’s voice to confirm credit card purchases.

Alexa, a star at this year’s CES, already offers over 10,000 skills like compatibility with Uber and dozens of gadgets and home appliances. This new technology would give it another boost.

Amazon has been working on the voice ID function since the summer of 2015, but the company has not yet said when or if it will be launched. Time has the full story.

Via: Time