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Dogscamper adventure van treats puppies like royalty

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The Type B motorhome lets Fido come along

The Dogscamper, an adventure van built for dogs and their humans.
All photos courtesy of Dogscamper

Adventure vans come in all different styles and sizes, from burly campers ready to go off-the-grid to bespoke Mercedes vans with “jet-set swagger.” We’ve never before seen, however, a van dedicated to dogs.

The Dogscamper is a German-designed Type B motorhome that makes Fido a top priority. The customizable and modular interior uses a movable kennel system created by a system of grid walls that mount to the floor rails inside the van. This ensures that whether your dog is a tiny chihuahua or a giant mastiff, the Dogscamper has a layout for you.

The kennels allow a place for dogs to securely and safely sleep whether you’re on the road or parked at camp. Exterior doors open for breathability, and two humans can sleep above the dog kennels while a pop-up roof tent offers a second sleeping space for another couple.

Other canine amenities include a ramp for easy doggie access, a dog food case that hangs on the back next to the spare tire, hooks for leashes, and an outdoor shower that let’s you wash off muddy paws.

Just because the Dogscamper is built for the four-legged, that doesn’t mean human luxuries are completely forgotten. There’s also an indoor/outdoor kitchen area—featuring a removable camping stove and slide-out refrigerator—as well as the option to add a toilet, and plenty of other customizable features that supplement creature comforts.

According to New Atlas, the Dogscamper starts at about $52,000, but North American buyers will have to go through the California-based Terra Camper in order to purchase the van. Head over here, for more.