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Volkswagen unveils 'Sedric' driverless car concept

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The Sedric is a fully autonomous vehicle running on electric power


With self-driving vehicles already hittin’ the streets, Volkswagen is reimagining car design for a driverless future. The German car company unveiled a future-forward concept car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The Sedric (which stands for SElf-DRIving Car) is envisioned to operate within a ride-sharing service.

The fully driverless, electric-powered car would be hailed through an app or remote control and told its destination via a voice-controlled interface. Its boxy shape takes full advantage of the space saved by not having a driver’s seat, placing the battery between axels, and fitting the engine beneath the seats.

This leaves ample room for an open interior that looks more like a lounge than a car. Four couch-like seats face inward, facilitating conversation. Wood paneling covers the floor and door sections, though transparent glass is the predominant material throughout. In a nice design touch, a small garden of succulents graces the rear of the vehicle.

Volkswagen also touts the accessibility of the design, which makes it usable for less-mobile individuals like children, the elderly, and the disabled.

“The concept offers tailor-made mobility for everyone: adults and children, retirees and people with physical disabilities, city people who do not have their own car or a driving license, and visitors in a new city who suddenly decide they want to get from A to B in a convenient mobility setting," the company said in a statement.

Via: Dezeen