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Karawitz Architects wraps modern home near Paris in grey wood

It’s bright and cozy

contemporary house outside of Paris
The ‘Marly House’
All photos via designboom

This asymmetrical, monolithic home makes a grand statement on the exterior, but on the inside, the loft-like spaces focus on privacy and the daily activities of the family.

Designed by French firm Karawitz Architects, the “Marly House“ is located in a quiet suburb right outside of Paris. A driveway that goes underground and beneath the elevated structure creates an entrance for the home, which is positioned right next to the street.

The exterior is all monotone: The house is clad in grey larch wood and raw materials such as steel and concrete. Windows of varying shapes and sizes puncture the facade throughout. There is also a private garden enclosed by a perforated galvanized-steel fence.

Inside, the expansive house is arranged around a central fireplace, which can heat the whole passive house during the winter. A single, sculptural staircase made from prefabricated steel separates the kitchen and living room. Another living room on a higher level opens up to a terrace that cantilevers over the street.

The entrance is below ground level
A minimalist kitchen
The intimate living room with large windows
A sculptural staircase made from prefab steel
Loft-like interiors
Play area
View from the street

Via: Designboom