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Mobile, modular ‘Kasita’ homes are now in production

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The concept: a modern prefab apartment as convenient and intelligent as your latest gadget


Kasita is the stuff of housing dreams: an elegantly modern, smart, stackable, prefab home that can be installed just about anywhere. Though its square footage clocks in at a mere 352 square feet, Kasita is no cutesily gabled tiny house. Its vibe is more sleekly futuristic than adorably precious, in part because of its makers’ ambition for the homes to operate more like a piece of advanced technology—seamlessly.

The brainchild of “Professor Dumpster” Jeff Wilson, Kasita was envisioned as a small, affordable housing option for mobile, packing-averse millennials. The chief selling point of its first prototype was that the whole unit could be transported from city to city without the need for boxing up belongings and finding a new abode. But the company pivoted away from that idea with a new and improved commercial design.

“We found in our focus groups, that our customers weren't interested in hauling a huge home around the country, paying a few bucks a mile,” a Kasita spokeswoman told Curbed in an email. “Instead they were interested in a model of moving their small amount of stuff from Kasita to Kasita, which may be a long term model we explore.”

The new version is also larger, and features a host of smart tech integrations ranging from glass windows with adjustable transparency to Amazon voice controls, a Doorbird doorbell, and fancy water-conserving shower.

The company is taking names for those wishing to purchase units of the initial production. A $1,000 fee holds your spot in line, and $139,000 gets you a unit when they’re ready—likely in December.

This piece has been updated throughout with new information from Kasita.

Via: Treehugger