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10-year-old builds $10 off-grid tiny home

And what did you accomplish today?

Via Inhabitat

While other kids were off playing Minecraft or reading Where the Red Fern Grows, affordable architecture savant Callie Hilton built her own solar-powered tiny house. The 10-year-old DIY architect used reclaimed materials from her dad’s workshop to execute her design, including a tin shed roof, panel from an old CRT TV, wood scraps, and corrugated plastic.

A five-volt solar panel mounted to the outside of the structure powers a single lightbulb. She also gave the home a rainwater catchment system, composting toilet, and solar-heated oven. A pair of handles affixed to the facade on one end of the home allows the fifth grader to pick up her 25-pound abode and move it around.

According to a video interview and home tour of “Callie’s Coop” from Derek Diedricksen on Relax Shacks, Callie was inspired to build her wee house by tiny home Youtube videos and a healthy sense of competition:

“It was for a school project,” Callie explained. “I built it when this one girl was going to build a solar oven. And I decided to build a solar-powered tiny house instead.”

Via: Inhabitat, Relax Shacks