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Energy efficient Micro House frames mountain views in Vermont

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The 430-square-foot tiny home frames views of the Green Mountains

Shot of small lean-to-shaped home clad in light grey with a corner carved out that features the front entrance.
The Micro House measures 430 square feet and also includes a full basement.
Photos by Jim Westphalen via Dezeen

Micro House by Bristol, Vermont-based Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design measures just 430 square feet but feels significantly more expansive thanks to a bright, white interior, a high, sloping ceiling, and the luxury of a full basement for storage and mechanical equipment.

Located near the Green Mountains, the simple, energy-efficient structure features a shed roof and a cubic form, but with two corners “subtracted” to create a porch entrance, and, on the opposite side, a dining nook of sorts

The open-plan space includes a full kitchen with custom, built-in cabinetry, bathroom with a tub, a sleeping area in addition to a sleeping loft, more built-in wardrobe and household storage lined in birch plywood, and a dining table. The pale floors are made with local maple, while large windows increase the lovely, airy feeling within the home—not to mention their framing of the spectacular landscape surrounding the tiny house.

Outside, the facade is clad in light gray-stained cedar, with the yellow front door adding a pop of color. Have a look.

Via: Dezeen