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Brooklyn inspired this cool new paint line from AphroChic

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‘Brooklyn in Color’ was created in collaboration with Portland-based Colorhouse

Two photos side by side; one of dusty pink wall in dining room, and the other of a dusty black hue on the wall behind a bed.
Coney Island Pink (left) and Wrought Iron (right).
Photos via AphroChic

AphroChic founders Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason, whose new house tour series premieres live this Saturday on HGTV’s Facebook channel, have released a collection of paints called “Brooklyn in Color” in collaboration with Portland, Oregon-based Colorhouse.

The first paint line by an African-American design brand, Brooklyn in Color comprises 20 smokey hues, ranging from grays to greens to deep magenta, that were conceived to highlight architectural features in the home.

This hue is called Front Stoop.

The husband-and-wife team, who began the interiors and lifestyle brand in 2007 in their hometown of Philadelphia, was inspired by their new home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and its architecture, history, and culture.

“When we first moved to Brooklyn, we spent a lot of time exploring the borough’s architecture. This collection combines Brooklyn’s design past with its important place in African American history, music and art,” says Mason on their website.

Each shade, with names like “Front Stoop,” “Cornice, “Bed-Stuy,” and “Coney Island Pink,” tells a story, referencing everything from the borough’s affluent, pre-Civil War African-American communities to Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s 1998 album “Black Star” to Prospect Park.

Available on AphroChic’s website, the collection starts at $6 for an 8-ounce sample and goes up to $220 for a 5-gallon tub. Each paint is low-odor and Green Wise-certified.