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This self-watering planter puts the soil, roots, and water on full display

The Cube lets you peer inside

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Shot of a clear, three-plant planter with three plants potted against a blue backdrop.
The Cube is a pleasantly simple concept.
Photos via Boskke

We’re all for ingenious self-watering, or otherwise self-caring, planters, whether they tip over to indicate they need a refill, or come with a built-in LED light, but sometimes you want something basic—which is why we love these simple, clear planters from London-based brand Boskke.

Called the Cube, the planter is a transparent box made out of what appears to be acrylic with a built-in pot that is also clear, so that the soil, plant’s roots, and water are on full display.

It incorporates Slo-Flo irrigation technology by way of a terracotta disk placed at the bottom of the pot that allows the plant to slowly absorb water, which can be poured through a small hole located at one of the corners. The reservoir only has to be refilled about once every two weeks.

Available in three sizes, small, large, and a triple-planter, the Cube is available on Boskke’s website and starts at £24.95 (approximately $30) and goes up to $44.95 (approximately $55).

Via: Core77