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Tiny home on a roof serves 'treehouse' vibes

The interior is all homey plywood

mirrored glass rooftop addition All photos via Designboom

The twelve-year-old boy living inside of Mirror Mirror must be the envy of his friends. Forget video games or the latest gadget. Clad in mirrored glass, the rooftop addition designed by Amsterdam-based architect Remco Siebring is unequivocally cool—like a futuristic spacecraft dropped on top of a historic building in a small Dutch town. As day turns to dusk and then night, the structure’s appearance seems to shift with the fading light.

Inside, the addition connects to the original home by way of a slender staircase leading up from a hall. It’s all warm pine plywood inside, intended to evoke a treehouse. There’s room for a small built-in desk and chair. Shelves recessed into one wall hold books. A bannister-less stair leads up to an impressive steel sleeping platform cantilevered above the space. Rectangular windows look out over the surrounding rooftops.

It’s a simple, beautiful, and surprisingly monk-like space for a tween. With the addition of a bathroom and ship’s stove, and the design could also make a rad stand-alone tiny home.

Via: Designboom