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Concrete house in Switzerland looks like a block of Swiss cheese

With square holes, that is

Shot of cubic concrete home built into hillside with carport on the ground level and two levels whose facade is punctured with square windows of varying sizes.
The square motif continues inside, where cubbies are carved out of the home’s thick walls.
Photos by Hannes Henz via Designboom

Swiss firm Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architetti has created another one of its signature concrete homes, this time in Füllinsdorf in northern Switzerland. Comprising three stories, a boxy frame, and a collection of square windows of varying sizes dotting the facade, the Brutalist structure is built into a sloping site with room for expansion behind it.

Something of a cuboid “Swiss cheese” house, the residence is clad in a pebbly washed-concrete and incorporates cement plaster for the interior walls and ceilings, and polished cement on the floors. The square motif also continues inside, where cubbies carved out of the thick walls function as displays for small objects like books and ceramics.

A ground floor carport establishes the main entryway, while a second entrance at the rear provides additional access. A central staircase connects the three floors. Three bedrooms and study are found on the second floor, while the common living areas make up the third, where a kitchen, dining area, lounge, and access to a partially covered courtyard are positioned.

Despite the bulkiness and rough quality of the building, the minimalist interiors feel bright, thanks to the numerous square windows, skylit central staircase, and sliding glass doors. Take a look.

Via: Designboom