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Solar-powered home was converted from a former school

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school turned residence Photos by Brigitte Kroone via ArchDaily

We’ve seen our share of converted schoolhouses, but this new project in Leiden, the Netherlands takes it to another level. Not only were the original charms of the circa-1925 nursery preserved, but the 7,470-square-foot building now also boasts just the right amount of modern technology and polish.

Completed by Dutch firm Atelier Space, this adaptive reuse project maintains the original structure of the space, turning the former gym into an airy living, dining, and kitchen area, and a spacious classroom has been divided into three bedrooms. The residence features 13-foot-high ceilings throughout, with restored skylights and windows bringing in fantastic light.

Contemporary upgrades are aplenty, starting with radiant concrete flooring and an Jung Knx integrated building tech system, which allows lighting, climate, shading, security, and more to be centrally controlled. Outside, solar panels on the roof power the home while plastered brick banks and planters form an intimate conversation pit in the backyard.

Via: ArchDaily