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Manhattan apartment transforms into flexible live-work space

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A two-bedroom turns into a three-bedroom

Interior of apartment with exposed brick walls and a plywood console at the center that contains the kitchen, pull-out dining table and storage benches, and rooms beyond it.
The plywood volume creates a flexible live-work console to maximize space.
Photos via Dezeen

This Manhattan apartment underwent an efficient transformation by Russian architect Peter Kostelov, who took a two-bedroom space and turned it into a modular open space with three bedrooms, two of which can also be used as work studios.

The design incorporates a plywood volume built around the existing kitchen, similar to this all-in-one furniture cube, that essentially splits the home into two zones: the main living area and the private quarters.

A long table and two storage benches slide out of central box into the living room, creating an informal dining room or work area. When not in use, the entire console slides right back in, out of sight.

Three steps lead into a small bedroom, where a sliding bed can be hidden to turn the space into a studio. Next to that is a larger studio-cum-bedroom, a narrow bathroom, and a master bedroom.

The entrance hall to the apartment, where the kitchen is located, doubles as a breakfast nook, where folding shelves attached to the brick wall create tables or extra counter space.

Via: Dezeen