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Modern round house was designed with dogs in mind

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round home with glass walls Photos by Hannah Anthonysz courtesy 123DV

From nifty elevated catwalks to built-in food bowls and kennels, it’s always fun to see how far homeowners will go to spoil their pets. This time, Rotterdam-based firm 123DV has designed a compact home for a couple and their attention-demanding Alaskan Malamute dogs, focusing on subtle gestures to enable close contact between humans and canines.

Located in a Dutch forest, Villa 360 comes in at 915 square feet, and, as its name suggests, takes on a circular plan. While round houses tend to be pretty interesting in general, the specific shape of this house was designed so that homeowners can always get a view of the dogs, whether they’re inside or outside.

To take it a few steps further, cantilevering all around the house provides shelter and shading for the dogs, while the section of the garden facing the bedroom and kitchen comes halfway up the facade of the building, meaning the couple can maintain the same eye-level as the dogs when they’re playing outside.

Inside, the home features an open plan with contemporary furnishings, a built-in skylight and storage, and glass walls.