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Urban Hermitage, a 280-square-foot London studio, offers ‘monastic retreat’

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Looks pretty fancy for a hermitage

Interior shot of tiny room with one mirrored wall, a concrete wall, and a wall of windows covered in light white curtains. The opposite wall is reflected in the mirrors and shows wooden built-ins.
This tiny studio strips away everything extraneous. and conceals the essentials behind built-in storage units.
Photos by Ioana Marinescu via Dezeen

How to make the most of limited space, especially in densely-populated urban areas is, of course, the question du jour. There are smart, transforming apartments, or otherwise modular ones, like “apartments-in-a-box.”

But the most basic of these is the humble studio. In London, however, Spheron Architects transformed an otherwise tiny 26-square-meter (280-square-foot) flat into a space that doubles as a monastic retreat of sorts for an artist. To do so, the local firm created two storage units at either end of the room that conceal the home’s essentials and treated the interiors in simple finishes to call to mind the austerity of certain religious retreats.

An exposed concrete wall, dark-stained hardwood floors, and a wall of windows dressed with net curtains make up the bones of the home. A small kitchen and bathroom are concealed in a large wooden storage unit on one side, and the Murphy bed, wardrobe, and additional storage—constructed with white-painted wood—are found inside the opposite unit. Mirrored accordion doors cover that block and give the space a roomier feel.

Aside from the built-ins, the only other pieces of furniture are a wooden desk and chair. Still, for a home called Urban Hermitage that intends to establish a “monastic ambience” in order to allow the inhabitant to shut out the rest of the world, it’s pretty fancy.

Via: Dezeen