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Prefab tiny home, sustainable and 3D-printed, offers idyllic high-tech living

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Into sustainable design and tiny homes? You’ll dig this

A rendering of the modulOne, a 3D-printed, off-grid, prefab home from Ukrainian green home building company PassivDom.
Courtesy PassivDom via Designboom

Eco-design nerds will dig this: A Ukrainian company, PassivDom, recently unveiled modulOne, an off-grid, solar-powered 3D-printed prefabricated home.

That’s a lot of buzzwords, sure, but the modulOne—which features an insulating carbon-and-fiberglass frame—seems to have real design cred: It’s designed to be completely self-sustaining, “even in arctic conditions,” reports Designboom, where we spotted this compact home.

What’s more is that modulOne comes with smart home devices, and its HVAC and “micro-climate” (think humidity and oxygen saturation) systems can be controlled via smartphone.

As such, rendering from PassivDom show the modulOne in a number of environments, from green, rolling hills in a vaguely European setting to a (perhaps South American?) mountaintop.

The compact, efficient interiors (which can be purchased furnished and ready for move-in) are simple and open plan, with sleek custom storage and wood-paneled ceilings and floors. Take a look.

Via: Designboom