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Uuni 3 is the pizza oven you can take with you

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What? And also: Yes!

The Uuni 3 portable pizza oven—which the company is billing as the world’s first—bakes wood-pellet-fired pizza in a quick 60 seconds, and can reach temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius) in 10 minutes.

Apparently, the geometric, brushed-stainless-steel Uuni 3 is an update on Uuni 2.0. Improvements include a more stable, three-legged stand, reimagined burners, and an insulated shell that, Designboom writes, “provide[s] consistent temperatures with less fuel.”

Thinking of buying the Uuni 3? It’ll run you $299, which includes the oven, a carrying case for real portability, a “stone baking board,” and a pizza peel. The 22-pound bag of sustainably harvested oak-wood pellets, which look a bit like hamster food, is sold separately for $25 on Uuni’s website.

You can watch a video (pizza!) below.