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Contemporary stone house rises from old ruins in Portugal

The home is located in Melgaço in the northernmost municipality of Portugal

Exterior shot of a two-story cottage made of stone wit a shorter extension extending out that is built into the sloping terrain.
This home combines an old two-story cottage and the ruins of a nearby building.
Photos by André Cepeda via Yatzer

This stone house in Melgaço in northern Portugal is a resurrection of two homes: the first being the site’s original two-story cottage, and the second a nearby, demolished building whose granite stones were transported to create an extension.

Local architect Nuno Brandão Costa undertook the project, which now measures 349 square meters, or approximately 3,757 square feet and took six years to complete, beginning in 2010.

A natural-hued beam runs horizontally across the recessed opening of the addition, which nestles into the ground of the sloping terrain, and where a living area and three bedrooms are located. The beam also forms a connection to the small house, which now contains the kitchen and dining accommodations.

A swimming pool, also enclosed by a stone wall, completes the visual relationship to the rugged landscape, as do a concrete carport and glass-encased garden kitchen. Though the interiors are spare and contemporary—white walls combine with terrazzo and hardwood floors and glazed expanses—the home, built from the ruins of history, is, in a way, timeless. Take a look.

Via: Yatzer