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This tricked-out bus stop comes with free books and a swing

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When waiting is fun

Infocomm Media Development Authority via CityLab

We’ve admired Soviet bus stops, artsy bus stops, and just plain bonkers bus stops, but Singapore’s new experimental bus stop is on another level. Designed by local firm DP Architects, the prototype structure was conceived with the mission to “make waiting fun.” And oh, how it delivers.

Located east of downtown in the Jurong Lake District, the futuristic-looking bus stop has free WiFi, solar panels, phone charging stations, interactive bus-arrival boards, a journey planner, ebooks (that you can download by scanning a QR code), physical books (that readers can take away with them), a roof garden, bike parking, artwork by local illustrator Lee Xin Li, and a swing.

The bus stop has already been up and operational for six months. In the fall, government officials will consider whether to extend any of the stop’s amenities to other public waiting areas in the city.

“Hopefully the community will appreciate how bus stops can be an extension of their social environments, as sites of possibilities, fun and enrichment,” said DP Architects director Seah Chee Huang in a statement.

“We also hope this project will encourage more fellow professionals to step forward and collaborate actively in the design of our everyday public spaces, as well as inspire the community to take greater ownership in shaping their own environments.”

Via: CityLab