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Pine cabin offers refuge for architect and his family in Norway

We’re relaxed just looking at these photos

Oslo-based architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus designed this pine-clad cabin for himself and his family in rural Norway.

Well this is nice: Oslo-based architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus created this gabled, pine-clad cabin in rural Norway for himself and his family, creating a compact modern refuge that defers to its stunning natural surroundings and views of a nearby lake.

The compact, all-weather cabin—dubbed Hytte Ustaoset and which we spotted on Dezeen—is clad in knotty pine and features an overhanging gabled roof that shelters its entrance. Inside, simple interiors with timber ceilings, walls, and floors defer to the incredible scenery; The house sits on a steeply sloped site about 3,500 feet above sea level on plateau and a wall of windows frames the view off the open-plan dining and living room.

To maximize interior space in the compact cabin, Aarhus designed a series of custom seating and storage spaces, and an attic provides additional place to stash goods. The finishes, as in the largely white kitchen, are minimal and bright.

Take a full look around over at Dezeen.