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This flatpack furniture is made of raw bamboo

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And assembly is a breeze

A bamboo trestle table, designed by Stefan Diez, being assembled.
Via Japan Creative

We’ve seen furniture in all sorts of novel shapes, colors, and materials. And bamboo—the fast-growing, fibrous plant—has been used for timber and woven finishes and furnishings through history.

But never before had we seen furniture made from bamboo’s tall, hardy stalks—until now. German designer Stefan Diez used untreated bamboo for a glass-topped trestle table and accompanying bench, in a line called Soba. And what’s more? It all assembles with simple kevlar rope, no tools required.

Dezeen, where we first spotted the furniture, notes that Diez presented his designs at this year’s Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The pieces were developed with a bamboo fabricator, in a collaboration with Japan Creative, a non-profit that champions age-old Japanese crafting and manufacturing methods and teams up annually with a trio of American and European designers to create new work using traditional Japanese techniques means.

Take a closer look here and watch a video below.