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This simple kids chair is made from 11 pieces

The Hamaika chair teaches kids the basics of furniture assembly

Shot of small child sitting at a wooden desk in a simple chair made of wooden planks.
The chair can be assembled in 30 minutes.
Photos via Dezeen

Move aside, Ikea! This chair for kids by Spanish designer Unai Rollan teaches kids the basics of furniture assembly through 11 easy pieces.

Called the Hamaika chair after the Basque word for 11, the simple chair combines short, wooden boards that are all the same dimensions but have notches, grooves, and holes cut out of them.

The designer wanted to convey the feeling of creating an object. "It's about that moment in which all the pieces fit together and become a functional object," he told Dezeen.

The sections can be cut from a single piece of spruce pine wood, making the manufacturing process efficient with a minimal amount of waste. Putting everything together—by slotting pieces together or screwing them in—takes all of 30 minutes and requires only basic tools.

The designer hopes that children will feel a sense of accomplishment when constructing the chair: “The final phase of the process is the one that generates that feeling of ownership and satisfaction of having created an object," he said.

Via: Dezeen