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Tiny house packs ‘farmhouse chic’ into 240 square feet

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Another stunner from the tiny-house mavens at Handcrafted Movement

farmhouse style tiny house Handcrafted Movement

The first thing you’ll notice about the Tiny Getaway, is how it artfully avoids a number of the most trite tiny house design tropes—especially in its living space. Forget awkward fold-down tables and an unfortunate dearth of seats. This 240-square-foot abode manages to contain enough stools and benches to comfortably sit seven or eight full-sized adults.

Handcrafted Movement

But other details propel this home into the stratosphere of high-end tiny homes: the 27-inch farmhouse-style sink, raw-edged oak countertops and reclaimed Oregon walnut, large bay window, sweet-looking stove, clever shoe storage, elegantly arranged treads, a dedicated workspace under the stairs, and an intricate “headboard” in the loft. Not to mention the price tag.

Much like the last gorgeous tiny house created by Handcrafted Movement, purchasing the Tiny Getaway will set you back and eye-popping $72,000.

Do you think it’s worth it?

Via: Apartment Therapy