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Modern ‘treehouse’ spins out for 360-degree mountain views

The timber-clad home is vertically organized around a central spiral staircase

“treehouse” in China Bengo Studio via Dezeen

The Qiyunshan Tree House in the Huangshan mountains of China manages to artfully embody two fun architectural trends: elevated “tree house” buildings and modern, “spun out” floor plans. This combination has resulted results in a playfully contemporary design that looks something like an enormous child’s stack of blocks.

Designed by the Shanghai-based Bengo Studio, the 1,300-square-foot home is clad almost entirely in vertical slats of natural wood, emphasizing the arrangement of its stacked volumes. Ample rectangular windows and frosted glass railings visually balance the weight of all that wood.

The entry hall extends from the door like an elegantly curved drawbridge, walled on one side entirely with glass. Reaching the stairs, there’s a bedroom and bathroom on the two levels below the entry, with the majority of the home housed above. A new room presents itself for every 10 feet of vertical climb: another bedroom, then a bathroom, the living room, a viewing room, and finally the rooftop deck.

Because each space is oriented from a new angle to the central spiral stair, the view from every room is different and the roof of one space easily becomes a balcony adjacent to another space.

Bengo Studio via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen