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10 fun Amazon buys for the home

Plenty of rad finds under $50

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illustration of living room Illustration by Sam Kalda

When it comes to whimsical, design-savvy items to spruce up your home, Amazon shouldn’t be overlooked.

From an octopus end table to public transit-inspired wall hooks, these are delightful items you can get right alongside an order of Scotch tape, toilet paper, and other heroes of everyday life.

Did we miss something particularly awesome on the ecommerce juggernaut? Please share in the comments.

This is a conversation piece that you’ll have to build yourself.
Safari Bucky Cardboard Deer Head, $14.95
Spice up the candy bowl! This glass piece is shaped like an open disposable plastic bag.
Unzipped Hand-Blown Glass Bowl, $24.49
How tenta-cool is this aluminum-and-glass piece?
Octopus End Table, $803
A classic bean bag good for any room.
Fatboy The Original Bean Bag, $199
The built-in planter can be used to grow succulents or just hold pencils if you don’t have a green thumb.
Umbra Cubist Floating Shelf, $50
Another planter! With stairs! Why not?
Wood staircase planter, $9.99
It’s a giant Lego to store a bunch of small Legos—or anything else, really.
Lego Storage Brick, $30.98
A functional piece for the transit nerds!
Umbra Subway Wall Hook, $30
This handcrafted felt cat bed is adorable and eco-friendly.
Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed, $54.88
Use this to create a cozy nook indoors or out on a porch.
Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair, $39.99