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Richard Meier launches minimalist, all-white lighting

Just like his buildings

Richard Meier lighting collection
Richard Meier’s new lighting collection
All photos via Dezeen

Architect Richard Meier is known for his love of all things white—he once told Curbed that he would “never live in a non-white interior.” So it’s only natural that his new venture, the Richard Meier Light collection, is exclusively white as well.

Collaborating with his daughter, Ana Meier, a product designer, and lighting veteran Hervé Descottes, Meier produced a 12-piece collection of stark, geometric lamps, keeping in line with his trademark minimalist architecture.

The designs range from sconces and pendants to floor lamps. Some are specifically modeled after the architect’s buildings. The Barcelona set is inspired by the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, mimicking the building’s rectilinear facade and curvaceous volume. Meier’s Fire Island House is another reference for a lamp, which sports similar cut-outs as the home.

Barcelona I
Fire Island I

"With this collection, we aim to bring the power of architecture to a smaller-scale," Ana Meier tells Dezeen. "I was moved to take recurring themes and forms in Richard's work, and translate them into sculptural objects that are interacted with everyday."

Like his architecture, Meier’s lamps are heavily influenced by simple geometry, featuring square and circular forms. He also uses materials that are either white or translucent.

"These pieces provide a new experience of space, where the user carefully controls the interplay of form and shadow," said Descottes in an interview with Dezeen. "The designs reveal a dialogue between geometries at different scales, while retaining the precision so distinctive of Richard's cannon of work."

The lamps are currently on view at the Ralph Pucci showroom in New York.

Cycladic Square
Barcelona II
Cycladic Circle

Via Dezeen