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Eco-friendly converted van home is full of hidden features

Streamlined and efficient

converted van home
Everything is pared down
All photos via Treehugger

Think living in a tiny mobile home means giving up storage and large items that you could only have if you had lots of space? Think again.

Wanting to explore his interest in alternative housing, Ross Lukeman of Alternative Homes Today converted his cargo van into his own live-work space.

Because it’s a van, there’s limited space to work with. But, Lukeman still managed to equip the space with lots of hidden features, including room for a full-size iMac desktop made possible by a swiveling, homemade wall mount. Storage can be found under the flip-up bed and in the hidden closet.

Everything is streamlined: Necessities like water storage and batteries are all integrated into surfaces or built into panels. A bike rack is built into the back of the van.

The van is also eco-friendly— he used UltraTouch recycled denim for insulation and incorporated a 300-watt solar panel with a 200 amp-hour battery bank. Intrigued? Lukeman created a downloadable van conversion cheat sheet.

Storage underneath the bed
Hidden closets
Water storage and batteries hidden in panels
Swiveling computer desk station

Via: Treehugger