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Clever space-saving solutions make this Copenhagen apartment more efficient

Designed by Spacon & X

Shot of a bright kitchen with white counters, windows, and a plywood staircase with a glass wall that shows into the guest room on the other side.
The kitchen shares a glass wall with the kitchen, and the staircase doubles as a display and storage unit.
Photos by Pernille Kaalund via Yatzer

Partners in business and in life, Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen and Svend Jacod Pedersen, founders of Spacon & X, an architecture and design studio in Copenhagen, have completed a home for themselves and their two young children by combining two smaller apartments into one.

Measuring 145 square meters, or approximately 1,560 square feet, the residence, though it isn’t tiny, benefited from clever, space-saving solutions to make it the most-efficient as possible for the family.

The compact kitchen is set against a narrow wooden staircase that doubles as a display case on one side and a storage unit on the other, where a glass wall—which fogs up for privacy—separates it from a guest room. A built in breakfast bench also forms the bottom two steps that lead into the kitchen.

Off the kitchen is a living room with another built-in unit, this time a wooden sofa frame painted pink, and black shelving directly across from it. Flexible work stations have also been incorporated into the design.

Adjacent to this space is the children’s room, which combines their beds, closet, and pull out desks in a single, transforming wall unit. A climbing wall and built-in shelving provide additional storage space. The master suite is located upstairs, where a separate wardrobe with translucent doors faces the staircase. Up here, netting forms the wall of the plywood staircase.

Via: Yatzer