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Noguchi-inspired Sol lamp has an intricate paper shade

It’s a flat pack!

round table lamp with paper shade Jona Messerli via Dezeen

Looking something like a cross between an alien surgical light and a satellite dish, Jona Messerli’s elegant Sol light is a unique twist on the paper lantern. Messerli, inspired by the light-diffusing paper and organic forms of Isamu Noguchi’s iconic Akari Light Sculptures, devised a clever flat pack shade of intricately sliced shoji paper. Affixed to the lamp’s frame using embedded magnets, the paper curves and folds in a conical extrusion, its double layer of cuts forming a trippy moiré pattern.

The lamp debuted at the IMM Cologne and was included in the German trade show’s Pure Talents Contest for emerging designers. The LED bulb illuminates the paper like a lantern, casting a diffused glow that the designer hopes “brings the sun indoors.”

Pricing and availability of the Sol lamp has not been disclosed, but you can sign up for updates here.

Via: Dezeen