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Custom arcade cabinets bring retro gaming to the modern home

No quarters required

The Relay arcade cabinet by London-based Stoa.
All images courtesy of Stoa Arcade Cabinets

If you’ve been pining for Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, or Pole Position since the ’90s, here’s a way to have a retro arcade system without turning your home into a Chucky Cheese look alike. London-based Stoa Arcade Cabinets designs custom-made wooden structures that house everything you need to play your favorite arcade games.

This is gaming as it was in the late 1970s and early 1980s, not from your couch but playing standing up at full height cabinet. Each Stoa-designed Replay cabinet is made entirely by hand with an LCD monitor and setups for either one or two players. You can customize the marquee design, paint scheme and surface finishes, even the colors of the joysticks and buttons.

Speaker slots above the screen and adjustable volume mean that you can control your gaming experience, and the video monitors maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio so the older games aren’t stretched out. There are four different cabinet types depending on the games you want to play, and each cabinet comes with a curated choice of games depending on the client’s preference.

Simply put, Stoa’s arcades are beautiful. Opt for a simple white or gray cabinet, or choose a bright orange cabinet with blue accent racing stripes, it’s up to you. Each Replay cabinet aims to “complement modern interiors while still having that retro cool look that will make it a show piece for any space.” Take a look at the designs, below and head over here for more info.