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This tiny house boasts luxury features and eclectic decor choices

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It’ll run you $74,000

All photos via Tiny House Listings

Advertised as an “Earth and Sky Palace,” this luxurious tiny home packs a punch in just under 200 square feet. The tiny abode, listed for $74,000, offers a master bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bath—all wrapped in a cedar facade with a “weathered, blue stain custom finish.”

It gets more interesting inside, where there’s enough space for a walk-around queen bed that also converts into two lounge chairs. Despite its limited square footage, the house also creates a full-size bathroom, complete with a walk-in shower. Luxury amenities are aplenty. There’s a surround sound theater system, Verona oven, and French air-conditioner controllable by an iPhone.

And then there are the interesting decor choices, ranging from “Replica embossed alligator-skin wallpaper” to an 1800s antique pressed tin from a prison in Nebraska to a $1,000 shower head. Feast your eyes.

Via: Tiny House Listings