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Wine tasting room goes sleek and minimalist in Oregon

It’s found at L’Angolo Estate in Newberg

Side profile of a simple structure with one large plane forming the roof on one side that overhangs at both ends, walls of glass, and a terrace with outdoor fireplace set amid a lush vineyard.
The roof is formed by two overhanging planes.
Photos via Dezeen

This sleek tasting room at L’Angolo Estate, a family-operated winery in Newberg, Oregon, takes advantage of its lush vineyard landscape by way of its architecture.

Designed by Portland-based Lever Architecture, the tasting hall incorporates elements of the winery’s outlook, which include a minimalist approach to wine-making, and existing in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Translating this philosophy into a plain yet surprising structure, the architects employed walls of glass and a soaring one-planed roof whose overhangs extend in the front and back to reflect Oregon’s soil, climate, and general terrain.

A simple wood frame and a plain interior characterized by polished concrete floors, beamed and vaulted ceilings, and contemporary furnishings keep the focus outward, while sliding glass doors usher the outdoors in.

In addition to the main roof plane, a shorter one that appears tucked under the larger one slopes in the opposite direction, creating cantilevers that provide shade and coverings for the terrace, which includes an outdoor fireplace. Douglas fir, cedar, blackened steel, and dark, anodized aluminum make up the color and decor scheme of the tasting room.

The interior of L’Angolo Estate in Oregon. The room has a large table, chairs, and a bar area with shelves that contain many bottles of wine. Photos via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen