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Architect’s cabin offers amazing mountain views from every room

Built primarily with repurposed materials

cabin in Norway mountain All photos via Inhabitat

Talk about views: This cabin built of repurposed materials offers the most jaw-dropping vistas of Norwegian mountains and lakes.

Designed and built by architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus, the pine-clad cabin in Ustaoset, Norway, was built on the same plot of land that his grandparents’ built a dwelling on in the 1960s. Aarhus, reflecting on this bit of family history, used traditional construction methods for his design and kept the layout and shape of his grandparents’s cabin.

He also repurposed materials from the old cabin. For example, an outdoor bench and stairs were made from the previous cabin’s old floorboards. New paving also uses stones from the old foundation.

Because Ustaoset is located 3,500 feet above sea level, it is subject to severe climate conditions like icy snow and strong winds. For these considerations, the house has been outfitted with solar protected glass panels for insulation and natural light.

Via: Inhabitat