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Modern glass house sports floating wavy roof

It’s like architectural lasagna

modern glass house with wavy roof Photos by Peter Hyatt via Contemporist

The modern architect’s love of clean geometric lines all too often results in a boring glass box of a building. Not so with the quirkily capped Lauriston House in Kyneton, Australia. Sure, its main rectangular volume is standard-issue glass house elegance. But the roof!

Designed by Aussie firm Seeley Architects, the home features a dramatic, undulating roofline that could by wacky, but turns out to be remarkably impressive in execution. It’s all in the details.

The wavy metal roofline has a beveled edge that makes it feel more finished than an abrupt end. The home’s glass facade also extends above the main horizontal beams so that the rippling roof appears to almost be floating above the main structure.

But nicest of all is the underside: warm slats of messmate timber run perpendicular to the waves. The wood balances out the eye-catching roof and sharp lines with a homey sense of nature. The interior evokes a paneled concert hall or another vaunted space.

Apparently the roof was inspired by the rolling hills in the surrounding landscape. But we’d say it out-waves its setting.

Via: Contemporist