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Apartment renovation goes for futuristic with sculptural concrete


apartment in former military storage space Tobias Colz via Dezeen

Over in Salzburg, Austria, Vienna-based firm Smartvoll won a competition to redesign the 3,767-square-foot roof space of a former storage shed for military vehicles and boy did they put their mark on the place. Using primarily concrete, the designers created a swoopy futuristic apartment intervention that feels like one huge, livable sculpture—with some serious Eero Saarinen TWA Flight Center vibes.

At the center of the space is a curving staircase that takes you up to two sides of the upper level. Underneath is a dark, pared-back kitchen and dining area, which seems like one of the few furnishings on the ground level. More tricks are higher up.

There’s built-in open shelving, a jagged white bed with slanted railings, plus a spacious modern shower with similarly trippy angles. But that’s not the weirdest shower experience in the apartment. Right by one staircase landing is a glass shower box that cantilevers over the whole living area. Why not?

Via: Dezeen