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See eerie photos of unfinished concrete buildings in Spain

Photographer Loïc Vendrame is obsessed with ghost buildings

A concrete frame rises in the sand.
Loïc Vendrame is a self-proclaimed obsessive of ghost buildings.
Photography by Loïc Vendrame via The Spaces

French photographer Loïc Vendrame captures architecture in surprising ways, whether as optical illusions, as in the “ArchiNature” series, or as ghostly unfinished structures in his latest project, “Future Dust, Future Rust.”

A self-proclaimed obsessive of ghost buildings, Vendrame wandered through the deserts of Madrid and Murcia in Spain and encountered the shells of modern homes and developments that were abandoned due to the financial and real estate crises and corruption.

In his photographs, abstract concrete frames rise up like platforms for a show that will never be mounted, often framing vast stretches of sand or water vistas to eerie effect. Vedrame describes the building boom of the early 2000s as a “concrete tsunami” that crashed down in 2008 when Spain’s Great Recession began.

Its waves were felt not only in the residential realm but also in centers for the public and infrastructure. More than eight years later, the ripples are still being felt today, leaving a wake of “non-cities” quivering in the wind. Head to The Spaces and Vendrame’s Instagram for more.

Via: The Spaces