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This prefab tiny house is simplicity at its most chic

It comes fully furnished, down to the cooking utensils

prefab wooden tiny home Ark Shelter

There are many traditional architectural elements that tiny homes can skimp on, but natural light isn’t one of them. Thankfully, the gorgeous Ark Shelter offers an abundance of windows cut into its inky black facades. Floor-to-ceiling glass on two walls of the cabin lets in natural light while offering a visual connection to the natural landscape beyond—that is, if you put your Ark somewhere idyllic.

Designed as minimalist retreats from the hustle and bustle of today’s connected lives, these modular wooden homes are prefabricated and can be shipped just about anywhere. A completed model, which can be had for $59,000, comes fully furnished with everything from appliances to cooking utensils.

Built primarily of wood, the home’s facade is painted a trendy black on the outside, with pale wood paneling within. The interior foregoes the typical tiny-house bedroom loft in favor of a built-in platform bed adjoining a large picture window. There’s also a modern stove, a table and two chairs, full kitchen, and bathroom.

Here’s a look at the recent installation of an Ark Shelter.

Via: Architizer, Ark Shelter