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Rentable sleeping pods offer refuge from busy city life

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The first Sleepbox in the U.S. was installed in Somerville, Massachusetts, this week

nap pod
Sleepbox installed at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, MA
Photo via Boston Magazine

Feeling sleepy at work? Well, a sleeping pod could be coming to the rescue (and you don’t even have to work at Google.) Sleepbox, a startup that develops cozy luxury sleep pods for public areas, recently installed its first unit in the U.S. Fatigued athletes at the Brooklyn Boulders rock climbing gym in Somerville, Massachusetts, can now get in a Sleepbox for a nap or general respite.

These high-tech pods are designed for maximum comfort. In addition to being soundproof, they feature beds made from the same foam material as sneaker insoles. There are also electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, bluetooth-enabled speakers, and a drop-down desk. Mood lighting and a “privacy mode” for the windows let you sleep in peace without others staring in.

Founded by Mikhail Krymov, Alexey Goryainov, and Peter Chambers, the venture started as an idea to create sanctuaries where people can relax and rejuvenate for a few hours during the day. Today, they’ve already installed over 60 Sleepboxes around Europe. Upcoming Sleepbox locations stateside include a Boston-area co-working space and and Atlanta Airport.

Sleepbox is available in three different models: compact, single, and double. Dubbed as “sleep vending machines,” they can be rented out and installed in offices, hotels, and more.


Via: Boston Magazine, BostInno