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Efficient modern guesthouse makes perfect hillside retreat in California

It has a Swiss cheese-like roof

modern guesthouse in California Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects via Designboom

Sitting on a hillside clearing in California, this sweet modern escape clocks in at just 640 square feet. It’s got some serious California-modern bones, remixed with a playful smattering of round skylights—like holes in a piece of Swiss cheese—cut into the white roof. The exterior is clad in warm cedar planks, offset by the coolness of the concrete floor and silvery matte accents.

This little jewel box of a guest house was designed by the San Francisco-based Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects—creators of this net-zero masterpiece in indoor-outdoor living. The tiny hillside home was similarly designed for energy efficiency, with the overhanging patio roof, closed-cell insulation, LED lighting, and a high-efficiency boiler working together to lower its energy needs.

The interior contains a glassy open living room, efficient little kitchen, tiled bathroom, and a bedroom with ample storage space.

Via: Designboom