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Kooky ‘Cube House’ goes on the market in Toronto—but only to a few investors

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The peculiar building was built in 1996

A structure made of a cluster of three green cubes arranged tip to tip upon a simple base sits near a highway.
The striking building is located on a valuable piece of land near downtown Toronto.
Photo by Robert B. Moffatt

A peculiar home in Toronto that has caught the eye of many a passerby over the years is now on the market for an undisclosed sum. Built in 1996 by architect Ben Kutner and his partner Jeff Brown, the tri-cube structure was inspired by Dutch architect Piet Blom’s early 1980s-built Cube House complex in Rotterdam.

Comprising a cluster of three cubes arranged tip to tip, the striking building is actually made up of three separate apartments with multiple stories. Each cube is supported by a large metal pole.

Located on a lot in a neighborhood that has become quite valuable, the surprisingly roomy property—measuring approximately 9,000 square feet—is being shown only to a select few investors and is not publicly listed. The Toronto Star reports that it could easily be worth $4 million CAD, or around $3 million USD.

Martin Trainor, a CBC News video producer, has lived in two of the three cubes for the past 15 years. “I actually have another property that I could live in. It’s a regular house. But I choose to live here because it’s unique,” he told the Star. “It’s a great architectural masterpiece, if you ask me.”

The property was last sold in a power sale in 2002 for $265,000.

Via: Toronto Star